Overwhelmed with senior health?

This Ultimate Medical History Book is the soup-to-nuts guide you’ve been waiting for to start putting caregiving light years ahead of where you are right now. 




The Patient Best Medical History Book (normally $137)
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PLUS BONUS - 31 Legal & Financial
Documents for Caregivers
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Why am I telling you about medical mistakes?

Because...caregiving starts with keeping your loved one as healthy as you can.
Everything else rolls downhill from this one statement.
And, after 14 years of helping caregivers out of one crisis after another, I am absolutely convinced that caregivers have got to start taking control of their loved one's health.
There are just too many mistakes and I see them every day in my physician assistant practice.
So does 4 million nurses and 500,000 doctors.
Everything from the:
wrong diagnosis,
bad surgeries,
missed risks,
lack of care,
hurried office visits,
no follow-through,
wrong medical charts,
confusing insurance promises, and
massively wrong medical billings.

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone believes "It will never happen to me." until it does.
But, you're better than this.

Buy today for $97 

Been dreaming of a better life in caregiving but stuck between one crisis and another decision that overwhelms the moment?

 Let me guess… 

You really want to make more peace in your life without sacrificing the well-being of your loved one, but you just haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to get a handle on time because you’re neck-deep in solving the next problem that arises. 

I’ve been exactly where you are and I know how it feels to watch your caregiving heroes “effortlessly” build a carefree life while you’re so overwhelmed with what you’re already doing you’re not sure where to even start… 

>> Why is caregiving so hard?                                       >>  What do I need to learn/buy? 

>> How do I prepare for what lies ahead?              >> How should I start? 

>> What do I need to include in this?   >> What if it changes as my loved one ages?

These types of questions are all that stands between your hustling your tail off and reclaiming your time and freedom knowing your loved one is taken care of on all four fronts. 

If only there was a manual for how to go about this, right?  😊

What if I told you that with the right plans, you can make a caregiving journey towards generating peace-of-mind, certainty, and decision within a month? 

That you don’t need to be a leading expert in caregiving, some kind of do-it-all amazing person, to invest in fancy classes or planners, or some massive course to get started? 

The truth is, that YOU CAN DO THIS and start building your caregiving experience with a foundation in a way that works with your busy routine and it doesn’t need to tip you over the overwhelm ledge. 

INTRODUCING the practical, no fluff guide so many of my clients wish they had when I first meet them and solve their crisis.

"Lillian is the caregiver to her husband. So when he needed cataract surgery, she called me. These eye doctors wanted to upcharge her for all these special tests and new cataracts, costing $8000 out-of-pocket. We found an honest eye doctor. How? By asking the right questions. I want you to know what I know." - Suzanne -

This 72-page Binder with all the worksheets is everything you need to get started in keeping their medical records accurate.

Caregiving with a plan to eliminate stress and call every crisis for what it is, to be able to have pre-planned decisions with flexibility, the knowledge to make the right decision, the professionals to guide you, and the commitment to yourself to stop being overwhelmed. 

You’ll learn our best experiences in caregiving and what caregiving really is to those who have gone before you including…

>> The #1 reason why even the most well-planned decisions fall short of what’s best for you and you’re loved one. 

>> How to start with the first of four areas in all caregiving encompasses and become an expert in the management of your loved one’s healthcare. 

>> How to move forward making a full-time life with caregiving as an afterthought using realistic, doable methods…even if you’re insanely busy. As a professional Patient Advocate and a physician assistant, I have seen thousands of "overwhelmness" in caregivers.

What’s inside? 

Getting Started with your Loved One’s Healthcare

Even if you’re not 100% sure what healthcare is right now, we got you.  We start at the beginning!

Section 1: Keep doctors accountable

Section 2: Stop unnecessary orders

Section 3: Find the best healthcare in your community

Section 4: Get the RIGHT documents

"One caregiver called me because his wife had been in the emergency room for 36 hours on a cot with lights on, noise banging, cold food, and a public restroom. Within one hour we had her in a private room. Why? Because I'm a patient advocate who wants to teach you how to do things like this, too." - Suzanne -

Get the Patient Best® Medical History  


medical errors


You might be wondering... 

“I already know their health and doctors, do I need this?” 

Congrats!  Coming up with a healthcare plan for your loved one is often the hardest part of the process and you're off to a great start! 

You could definitely wing it (and that’s what so many of my caregivers do!) and I truly hope it works out for you.  But the thing is, the healthcare system is flawed with so many errors it has now become the #3 cause of death among Americans today. 

“Sad to us who have lived the best of times.” 

We know what a huge bummer it is to put your heart and soul into your loved one’s life only to hear crickets from the doctor’s office and no one to help. 

Inside this binder, you’ll learn why even the best ideas can fail and how to make sure your actions and knowledge knock the healthcare team out of the park.

The sooner you start following a repeatable process for validating your intent, the sooner you’ll be able to layer on the other 3 areas of caregiving because you will always know which direction your loved one is headed!

"A wife called me one day because the medical bill was $2193 and she didn't feel she could pay it. When she explained the situation, I immediately knew what was wrong and illegal and why the hospital could not charge this.
Twenty minutes later she called me back to tell me the bill was now ZERO!
Why am I telling you this?
Because I want to teach you what I know about how wrong medical bills often are. -
Suzanne -

Who is this for?  

If 2020 has taught us anything, it that knowing the health of our loved ones and what is going on in the healthcare scene is no longer a “nice to have” but a necessity. 

If you are NOT a healthcare professional then let me take you behind the scenes and teach you what works every day in the clinic and how patients and caregivers get what they need.

Helping caregivers get their lives back, asking the right questions, putting a formula in place for all four areas of caregiving, and capturing the freedom it brings to your whole family every day.  

If you’re a healthcare professional from physician to home care worker, you may not even realize it but you are sitting on a gold mine. 

This binder is for the person who needs to build peace-of-mind into their lives.

 And right now, healthcare is experiencing explosive overwhelment, and more and more patients (your loved ones) are being pushed to the back burner.  Your caregiving binder brings you and your loved one to the “look at me” scene.


If you’ve been…

>>Riding the exhaustion bus for a while now…

>> Worried about where your next criticism is going to come from…

>> Just plain exhausted from applying more and more effort to what you’re doing with no reward to show for it… 

Then it’s time to release the caregiving pressure valve and focus on adding a positive outcome to what you’re already doing. “I already know their health and doctors, do I need this?” 

"Linda was at her wit's end. She called me when she realized she could no longer handle her mother. We needed to get her into memory care yesterday. Because I knew all the best memory care facilities in the area, I could easily show her what was offered. The decision to move took 2 days. Why?
Because I want to teach you how to know the right questions to ask."


Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, BCPA, MS with her 98-year old Mom, Ruth, and daughter, Sarah...

Suzanne Fiscella



As a professional Patient Advocate, I have seen thousands of "overwhelmness" in caregivers.

All you want is someone to listen to you and help.

In my advocate practice, I teach my clients how to prepare, prevent, and protect their loved ones. We used these very steps to set up the caregiving journey. It is exciting to see their lives are changing for the better.

As a physician assistant for the last 14 years, I have helped my patients and their caregivers navigate the healthcare system. All caregiving planning starts with a foundation of what will follow. Caregivers can't know what this is unless they've been caregiving for years and understand the unknowns which jump into our days, every day.

And I'm here to show you how.

"This caregiver son called me because his Dad would not give him any financial information. It didn't take long to get around this and get the help of someone outside the family to move the conversation forward. How?
Let me show you the process. "


Exclusive offer when you buy the Patient Best® Medical History Book today… Wondering how you’re going to get started on caregiving when you're short on time and skills?

6 Videos to get you started...

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the Patient Best® Medical book as it opens up the secrets surprises, and tips to our healthcare system! 

Inside this binder, you’ll learn our best secrets and how to work differently to create a master healthcare plan that looks so good, the physicians will want to call you back, work with you, fight for you and refer you to the best healthcare team in your community! 

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We're confident that you're going to be thrilled with the Patient Best Medical History Book and get amazing results!

But we get that every investment is an important decision. That's why we want you to feel confident that this binder will fit your needs. So if you buy the Patient Best Medical History Book today and feel over the next 60 days that it hasn't given you amazing value, all you need to do is email us https://patientbest.com/contact-us and we will refund your money.

100% guarantee

The Patient Best® Medical History Book will guide you through each step of creating your loved one’s caregiving plan. 

“But, Suzanne, the health of my loved one is ONLY one part of caregiving!”

 Never a truer sentence.  The health of your loved one is ONE of the FOUR parts of caregiving.

Everything else launches from this one category...

And so we start with this first. 

For example,  the FOUR parts are:

1. The health of your loved one
2. The mental and social decline fo your loved one
3. The legal & financial issues which arise
4. The home living skills and safety of your loved one.

Let’s give you an example: 

Your loved one’s health is declining.  We have defined the disease which is causing this.
We know that they cannot live on their own forever. 

Health:  Knowing the diagnosis or what the aging process looks like, gives us solid footing to solidify the future and what will be needed… 

Mental and Social Decline:  Know that our loved ones will lose their hearing, eyesight, teeth and mind leave the person without the social skills to engage with others.  Loneliness sets in. Despair not to be able to eat, energize or communicate.  Knowing this is coming and preparing for this is powerful. 

Legal & Financial Issues:  Now our loved ones can no longer take care of their finances and their decisions about their health.  What papers will I need as a caregiver to have in place BEFORE this process rears its ugly head?  What will I do when my loved one remains in denial that “nothing’s wrong” when everyone in the family knows that’s not true?  Preparation. 

The Home Life Arena:  Are they safe to live alone?  Can they be moved to memory care or assisted living?  Who will pay for this?  Will they move in with me and what is my exit strategy when I can no longer take care of them? 

All four areas launch from the health of your loved one.  From what you don’t know but will be prepared to take on: The Patient Best® Medical History Book starts your journey towards:

Providing education from those who have gone before you

Preparing you IN ADVANCE for what WILL arise because we’ve all been there

Preventing crisis after crisis from arising

Protecting you from the negative outcomes 

If you’re ready to move past the trading time for crisis hustle and start building a positive approach to caregiving…

"Mike lives in Ohio and his Mom lives in Florida. When Mom fell and had to be taken to the emergency room, I met her there and stopped the ER doctors from running up unnecessary tests, time, and bills. How? Because Mike knew that if it wasn't serious, he could stay home and continue with his normal life while I got his Mom back to normal here. How? Let me show you how this works."




The Patient Best Medical History Book (normally $137)
PLUS 6 videos ($150 value)
PLUS BONUS - 31 Legal & Financial
Documents for Caregivers
($19 value)

(Normally $306 - 68% Savings this week!)


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