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Frustrated with caregiving?

Want to do more for your loved one by doing less work?

Frustrated with Caregiving?

Want to do more for your loved one by doing less work?

Frustrated with caregiving?

Want to do more for your loved one by doing less work?

You've found yourself worrying about your aging parents and you're pitching in to help them! That's the easy part.

You know that now they are beginning to resist your help and want to be left alone.

But, in order to figure out how to handle this resistance, you've got a lot of work ahead of you:

  • Identify the 6 solid foundations of caregiving that really work for a proactive you
  • Create a step-by-step and succeed with or without your loved one's permission
  • Build a team of professionals, family, and friends to share your concerns with
  • Find the FREE resources that offer you the peace of mind you're looking for
  • Keep your own time protected for your marriage, work, and family

Creative caregivers know how to build a cooperative plan which takes them all the way through the senior's doctors, moving, health issues, legal matters, and beyond.

That's why I created The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide just for you! You'll get professionally written instructions I used for years in my medical practice for my senior patients and their families.

  • 19 Checklists
  • 6 Planning Sheets
  • 12 Templates
  • 8 Cheatsheets

Here's What You Can Do with The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide

Remarkable Results

Use the individual cheat sheet to make sound connections with their doctors, the medications and their cost.

Sound Advice on How to

What to look for in the experts who have gone before you and know the ropes. How to ask the right kind of questions.

Minimize Your Work

The 40-question survey to ask yourself even before you begin to think about taking care of them.

The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide

only $39 today

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What's included in The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide

  • 120 pages of senior care outlined to organize you
  • 6 approaches to set up your cutting-edge approach
  • 7 personal goals built to last in your life
  • 5 steps to get immediate time-saving results every time
  • Multiple straightforward answers to boost your decisions

Because this toolkit is easy to use, all you have to do is quickly run through the heartfelt section you want to complete first to transform your worry into immediate results.

About Suzanne Fiscella

When I graduated from Physician Assistant school in 2006, I was shocked at how little time doctors spent with their patients and their families.

Since then, I have been helping caregivers care for their loved ones without frustration, burnout, anger, or exhaustion. Seeing these family members coming in with their seniors feeling refreshed, happy and at peace with themselves has made my expereince a true blessing.

Now I want to share with you all the secrets and solutions I have seen work over the years.

Suzanne Fiscella

Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, MS, BCPA

Frustrated and exhausted from helping your senior?

Looking for a plan that makes things easier and simple?

The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide gives you what you need.

Personal-Use Digital Download

This is a digital file that can be downloaded instantly and used immediately.

It is for personal use and does not include medical advice. Always check with your senior's doctor before changing any medical plans.

The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide

only $39 today

Yes! I need this!

Your purchase is Guaranteed

Jump in and get started today! If within 7 days you don't think this toolkit provides any value, you may request a no-questions-asked 100% full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these checklists, templates, and questions over time?

Yes. This is an overview for you to start thinking about the caregiving journey. This is what I used to streamline the process for my patients and their families.

Can I make copies?

Absolutely. You will notice over time as your loved one ages, you will revisit these pages over and over again, constantly pulling out new ideas and inspirations.

Can I share them with my siblings?

Of course, and it is recommended that you do! I encourage families to start thinking about who is the best to handle each area laid in this outline.

If I have questions or get overwhelmed what should I do?

If you are a member of the Caregiver's Freedom Club, just pick up the phone and call your personal coach to walk you through whatever you need help with. If not a member, just write me at

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