Binder held by lady

Personal Medical Records:

A Must-Have for Better Senior Medical Care Outcomes

Binder held by lady

Personal Medical Records:

A Must-Have for Better Senior Medical Care Outcomes

Binder held by lady

Personal Medical Records:

A Must-Have for Better Senior Medical Care Outcomes

100% of all medical records kept on you are wrong or incomplete. Guaranteed you will find medical errors in your records.

"In all the years of practice, I have never seen an accurate and complete medical chart. Since my medical decisions are based on what's in the charts, I shudder to think what my patients are truly getting." - Anonymous cardiologist

True Story by Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C: This patient came in to see me using the Patient Best Medical History Book. She did not know that I was the author so I was curious as to how she would use her records. She explained her reason for being in my office..." her left knee was hurting again".

I asked her what she had tried... Tylenol, Advil, and other pain meds. I told her we would need to order an X-ray and possibly an MRI and see why her knee was hurting.

She stopped me immediately, pulled out her Patient Best Medical History Book, flipped to the section on "Images" and handed me a copy of her MRI results from 2 years ago. (She just saved herself time and money. I canceled the order.)

I asked her what treatment she had two years ago that evidently worked so well. She said, "Physical therapy and I want the same guy I had before. He was wonderful."

I explained to her that I could order physical therapy but there was no guarantee she would get the same person. (I had no records of her MRI or the physical therapy she received.)

She then flipped to the section in her Patient Best Medical History Book called "Special Services" and gave me the name, and fax number of the company she used, and the name of her favorite physical therapist. (I faxed over a prescription to have this physical therapist see her the next day.)

She then asked me for a copy of our meeting so she could put it in her Patient Best Medical History Book. I not only gave her a copy of my notes (which we went over together for corrections), but I gave her my cell phone number and told her to text me if she had any problems getting what she needed or getting better.

P.S. Isn't this how medicine should work? - Suzanne

As a 17-year physician assistant veteran who's saved seniors over a million dollars in medical expense discrepancies, I will show you the process. And I'll do it in simple, easy-to-follow lessons with tons of real-life examples!

In fact, physicians have ordered the Patient Best Medical History Book for their own family, friends, and patients.

Just imagine flipping open your own medical record and showing your doctor the correct information in minutes. Then watch as your doctor sits down and talks to you.

And with all the tips, tricks, and tools I give you in this Medical Records course… creating this kind of response is easier than ever.

Are you ready to discover the #1 way to make an immediate impact on your medical advice and treatment plans from your...

  • Doctor's Office Visit
  • Medications
  • Referrals
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Labs & Imaging Studies
  • Pain
  • Vision
  • Hospitalizations
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Medical Supplies

If so, as a SPECIAL BONUS, I've added the Senior Care Advantage Course!

  • Learn to confidently ask the right questions naturally and stop unnecessary tests
  • Get the right care as a senior
  • Define how you want to be heard and treated

The Senior Care Advantage: How to Connect, Influence & Impact Your Medical Care empowers you with a method you can use for predictable results. I guide you through each step of the medical charting process in logical order, so you have a clear path to follow and give you the Patient Best Medical Binder to do it with! (included).

What’s more, having these essential skills will put you light years ahead of medical technology which is authorizing Artificial Intelligence to advance your health regardless of who you are and what you want. Create a better health plan, written by you —and watch your healthy lifestyle generate results more suitable than you ever imagined.

"I got my Patient Best Medical History Book and took it in with me to see my doctor. He took it away from me and sat down and started looking through it in amazement. Then he took it with him to show another doctor in his practice! Then came back in and asked me if HE could make copies of my records for his notes." - Clara Davis

What Will You Learn?

The Patient Best Medical History Book is all focus—and no fluff. I’ve provided a straightforward process all laid out with worksheets and cheat sheets, plus tons of real-life examples so you can grasp concepts with lightning speed. You will discover:

  • Ways to keep your own set of medical records clearly, concisely, and convincingly — but without turning your medical provider away.
  • Skills, tips, and techniques you can use to find out what other options you have in ANY TYPE of medical care not just guidelines — making all of your dedicated efforts easier.
  • Tons of instructions along the way to reinforce each TAB in your binder and build your confidence as you go.

"Because all medications and costs are in the binder, I checked with my pharmacist and found out I could pay $216 less every month by doing what you said." - Allen G.

"When I was in the hospital, my doctor came in to talk with me and started asking me questions about my history. I pulled out my Patient Best Medical History Book. Come to find out, I had already had the procedure she was recommending and my results were right there. She said, "Well, that just saved you another day in the hospital." - Tonya S.

What's Included in The Senior Care Advantage Course With Binder

The Patient Best® Medical History Book: (normally a $97 value)

  • 20 cheat sheets and examples
  • 38 template pages for you to use over and over again
  • 23 instruction packs for every medical situation
Patient Best Medical Hisotry Book

PLUS!! Connect, Influence & Impact Your Medical Care

6 strategic modules with video lessons and worksheets (normally a $147 value) as you follow along using the Patient Best® binder to boost your confidence that you are getting accurate treatment!

A sneak peek inside the course...

Lesson 1 - Starting With Your Doctors: Don't Go Until You Do This

  • The biggest mistakes patients make and how to overcome it
  • Over 30 organized outlined worksheets just to fill in the blanks so you have it conveniently at your fingertips.
  • Simple ways to decide whether and how to change course in your treatment
  • The 4-step visiting process all doctors follow and how it simplifies the office visit. Are you tired of going to the doctor and getting zero response?
  • Section 1 and 3 in your binder

Lesson 2 - Trusting Your Own Wallet When It Comes to Medications

  • Are you tired of going to the pharmacy and paying too much for your medication?
  • Unlock what's different about your prescription plan and how to ask for more.
  • Learn the savings in paying cash vs paying with insurance.
  • The biggest mistake most patients make when they pick up their medication.
  • Sections 4,5,6,7 in your binder

Lesson 3 - Choosing Your Medical Care Wisely

  • The little-known medical secret for finding the right doctors in your area.
  • How to pick up on subtle suggestions you don't really need.
  • Why special medical issues make you at risk for failure.
  • Examples that highlight what you have learned.
  • Sections 8, 16, 17, 18, 19 in your binder

Lesson 4 - Speaking Up to Be Heard While Reducing Friction

  • How to generate an unlimited amount of time in any medical setting.
  • The real purpose of your visit (most people are clueless!)
  • The sneaky little trick to get what you want in hospital care.
  • How to test your medical team to ensure they have the correct information.
  • Sections 9,10,11,12,13,14,15 in your binder

Lesson 5 - The Biggest Secret to Staying Healthy As We Age

  • What is the one thing all doctors look at first in your chart?
  • How to know if you are on track for healthy living.
  • What is the doctor really testing and why.
  • Are there medical advances you don't know about and how to find them?
  • Sections 2, 3, 16, 17, 18 in your binder

Lesson 6 - Why You Should Never Pay A Medical Bill Before You Do This

  • Why you get medical bills when you don't owe them?
  • How to know if you really got what you are asked to pay for?
  • The correct use of the HIPAA and why so many patients get it wrong.
  • How to overcome objections and fear so you can make the best decisions.
  • Sections 20, 21, 22 in your binder

Find Remarkable Results

When your binder arrives, get the full training with the video which will be instantly downloaded for your convenience.

Get Sound Advice on How to

Senior care can be broken down into tiny bits and pieces so you are not overwhelmed. And your binder keeps everything in one place for you.

Minimize Your Work

All 23 TABS have explicit easy-to-follow directions and the worksheets allow you to practice what you have learned.

About Suzanne Fiscella

When I graduated from Physician Assistant school in 2006, I was shocked at how little time doctors spend with their patients and their families.

Since then, I have been helping seniors deal with their medical issues using this positive approach. Watching seniors and their families being heard, living healthy lives, and joyous relationships has given all of us a sense of power and control over our own bodies and the years we have to share.

Now I want to share with you all the secrets and solutions I have seen work over the years.

Suzanne Fiscella

Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, MS, BCPA

"When I was putting my binder together, I discovered a medical error in my records and called the insurance company who promptly refunded $938 to me. Thank you." - Susan K.

Ready to get your medical care in line with your own expectations? Let me guide you through what you don't see.

"I never used to check my medical records online, but I knew I had access to them. Once I got The Patient Medical History Book and started looking at my medical charts, there were so many diagnoses in there that simply weren't true. I now have accurate records and keep my doctors from adding extra things. " - Kathy W.

"I never questioned my mom's doctor for fear I might not understand him. But when you explained how to use this binder, I spoke up. We totally connected and he agreed with me that mom needed much more than he was giving her in terms of support. Now the insurance company pays for her services and supplies he orders, all because of this Medical History Book." - Bob P.

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The Senior Care Advantage:

How to Connect, Influence & Impact Your Medical Care

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Patient Best Medical History Book and Training right for me?

Yes, if you want to stop feeling like you are never heard, given another pill when you wonder if you really need it, r question the medical bill you just got without any real explanation. If you want to get control of your finances as well as your health, then this is for you!

What format is the Medical History Book and training course?

The online video-based training is a course. Your purchase gives you immediate access to it. Your binder will have over 70 pages of medical information and worksheets for you to put your history and questions. It will also have simple step-by-step instructions for you. It will be mailed to you by USPS within 5 business days.

I don't want to get my doctors mad at me by asking questions. I'm afraid they will think I don't trust them. How does this work?

I've sold thousands of these Patient Best Medical History Books and the doctors absolutely love them. They wish all patients had them. In fact, some offices have purchased the books for their offices and asked me to do the training so their patients become members of an elite group who advocate for themselves.

Can I share this with my siblings or children?

Absolutely! In fact, many adult children who are watching their seniors use the Medical History Book and order one for each child so they could keep records and discuss issues with the pediatricians. All school immunizations as well as medical records can be housed in the binder.

I find medicine too complicated. I trust my doctor to have my records. How is this different?

Your records will be different from your doctors as you see mistakes in your medical chart. In one section, TAB 23, Calling All Records, you will collect your doctor's REAL records (not online) and compare them to your own set, finding multiple mistakes as you go. These are not the records you see online through My Chart® and other online programs. These are actual records your doctor keeps on you.

Can you promise I'll be free from medical mistakes and billing?

No! And there is no way to promise either. Medical mistakes are rampant in the US today. You and your doctor will catch them as you build your binder and correct them. But coding and medication errors will still land on your desk. Now you will know what to look for.