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caregiver burnout

Deedee is still traveling while her parents are getting ready to move into assisted living.

Being a great caregiver isn’t just about them.

A smart caregiver has freedom, choice, energy, and a life they love - and that starts by empowering and inspiring themselves.


Here’s what you'll have...

Daily Tips and Tricks on getting help. (Team Building)

A caregiver is only as good as her team. Use strategies that turn your caregiving community into a high performing one. We show you how to build your caregiving roadmap.


Daily Tips and Tricks on Empowerment
(learn to say 'YES' to yourself? and set boundaries) 😊

Learn proven techniques that help you set your caregiving up for success and overcome obstacles without sacrificing your time.

Daily tips and tricks on Leverage
(want more time?)

Know how to identify your weaknesses and leverage the strengths of people, plans, and documents in your caregiving community to fill the gaps.

patients waiting

Daily tips and tricks on Influence
(want others to agree with you?)

Create more favorable outcomes by using proven plans and preparations. What you DON'T know will hurt you. You are the driver in this journey and know what's best. Get others to agree.

Daily Tips and Tricks on Inspiration
(need ideas that work?)

Get the absolute best from the people in your caregiving community by seeking the qualities you look up to. What are the things you really really wish you had? What do you want to remember about this caregiving experience when all is said and done>?

Ready to become a modern carefree caregiver?

Join the Caregiver Haven™ Community today for $1. We'll show you how to live the life you love while caregiving. Become the caregiver who makes it look simple.


Words of praise from Caregiver Haven™ Caregivers...


With little experience in caregiving and no knowledge of how to manage a team, I was anxious when first starting out. Luckily, I joined this group. Shortly after, I found the secret to simple. My caregiving strategies have increased by "Michelle time" by 50% since I joined. And overall my happiness is at an all-time high. All thanks to this community!

Caregives her 86-year-old MIL with dementia


All I can say is WOW. I'm so happy I joined! I learned so much about why I was worrying about money all the time. I've taken the recommended steps to shift to a PROACTIVE caregiving style that's put the finances in order and brings me peace of mind. Now, my Dad has what he needs and I have saved thousands of dollars and a lot of worry.

Caregives her 91-year-old father living alone

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this community for?

This virtual community is designed for caregivers looking to make a change in their lifestyle and build a productive, happy, family home. The individuals in this exclusive community are open-minded to real possibilities and ready to identify ways you can adjust your caregiving style to start getting what you desire.

What's the time commitment?

Because this is a subscription, there is no time commitment, no homework, no breakout sessions to attend. You learn, grasp, and process the secrets, tips, and strategies to caregiving when you have time. You'll also have access to all the downloadable resources and recorded webinars. This way, you can revisit the community at your own pace and convenience.

Am I guaranteed no stress?

While we'd love to be able to guarantee no stress, we aren't fortune tellers. What we can guarantee is that you'll be given the tools, techniques, and support you need to clarify what you want, articulate your worth, and lead a caregiving life strategically. 

Do you offer 1:1 Caregiving Coaching?

No, I used to, but now I look to the wonderful caregivers and professionals in your private Facebook group to do that for you. If you need me to recommend special services just ask but most of the time, your community will have the resources you need.


About the Coach
(14 years experience)

Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, BCPA, MS is a practicing physician assistant and Board-Certified Patient Advocate. She has taught caregiving from all levels like healthcare emergencies, financial stressors, legal disasters, dementia burnout, and stubborn relatives and understands that every caregiver has different needs at different stages in their caregiving. She’s been helping caregivers transform their lifestyle to make a positive impact on themselves, their loved ones, their families, and work since 2006.
She is also a national speaker and highly sought-after consultant for patient advocates, caseworkers, physicians, and businesses.

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