Thank you for shopping at Caregiver Haven™ (a product of Patient Best, LLC). Please read this policy carefully.

Subscription to Caregiver Haven™ Community

You may cancel at any time.

Your subscription will end on the last day of the month in which you cancel. For example, if you cancel on the 10th of the month, you will continue receiving your materials until the last day of the month. You will also have access to our private Facebook group and all webinars until the end of that month. There are no prorated monthly refunds. All requests to cancel your membership must be made at least 3 days prior to your next invoice.

Annual memberships for unused months will be refunded.

Trial Period

All introductory offers will automatically be enrolled in the monthly membership plan at the end of their trial unless the member cancels at least 10 days prior to the end of the FREE trial period.

If you are offered a trial period, you will be billed at the end of the trial period at the current monthly rate of $37/month. You may cancel at any time.

Digital Products

We issue refunds for all digital products within 7 days of the original purchase of the product.

No questions asked.

Please cancel at

Professional Services

Given that the professional services you may employ are independent contractors and have no subjugated or assignment business with Patient Best, LLC or Caregiver Haven™, we do not offer a refund on these outside services and you agree to hold Patient Best, LLC for any advice members of the Caregiver Haven private Facebook group or professional services may give you.

We recommend contacting them for assistance if you experience any issues.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us at

Last updated: February 24, 2022

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