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Suzanne, you gave my 78-year-old mom your guide when she came into your office. It saved her through COVID. Thank you for this advice." - Helen

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My name is Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C and due to my longstanding relationships with patients and physicians, I'm able to give tips and tricks on FLU and COVID quick recoveries.

Not so many years ago, I was just like you.

I struggled with colds and the flu. Not wanting to be vaccinated, I just plowed through it every winter. At 50 years old, I went back to school and received my Physician Assistant degree. As a medical practitioner, I saw all the things I was doing wrong. Textbooks were useless, but experienced doctors and patients told me their success stories. I listened and learned.

Now I want to share with you what I know.

Doctors and patients taught me that the first step in quick recovery and returning to healthy success was taking action and executing exactly what needed to be done. This meant that I needed to steal their secrets.

My life changed. Suddenly I was able to teach everything I needed for my patients to quickly and easily recover. The best part? I didn't have to go through a training or course on common sense recovery or learn complicated systems.

And today, I've arranged for you to have full access to these 7 tracking qualifiers you must ask yourself or your physician, and for a price that's almost too low to be believed. FREE.

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I've arranged it so that you extraordinaire who now knows these secrets can take extra good care of yourself not only by knowing these secrets for FREE but also make 100% sure your recovery is NOT being delayed, avoiding long-covid or worse, hospitalization.

Put a note in your calendar for 48 hours from now to go to the tracker/planner included in your quick recovery guide if you haven't already decreased your recovery by half.

See How Easy It Is For You

To assume you are getting better quicker than the normal 10 days of flu or covid recovery period is crazy. My peers would call this medical madness. Normally, they'd be right.

However, when you have recovery secrets as I have seen, you can put your social events back into your calendar.

I know once you get your hands on these secrets you will effortlessly be (at least) twice as energized. Getting up sooner. Feeling better and out of the woods.

Attention Diabetics!

I have added a special section for you.


Because you're gonna end up in your doctor's office for a check-up on your diabetes and if you don't know this information, you can and will end up with more medication than you need or worse, a wrong treatment plan.


You Are About to Discover 7 Secrets From 1000's of patients who have recovered quickly from FLU & COVID!

Meet Linda.

She is told she's overweight, doesn't smoke but does have breathing problems, and has diabetes.

I've observed her closely and I can say with certainty...she recovered faster in 4 days than the average patient in 10 days.

We have used these exact techniques to keep Linda's sugars from spiking and getting her back to work without the lasting effects of the flu.

And these techniques have allowed patients and doctors to put a plan together that makes sense. Patients are able to get that work note quicker and return to normal activities quicker.

Imagine This...

You have a huge family event coming up next week. Flights are booked. Now you are coming down with "something" and you HAVE to get better quickly.

You have your own medications to think about. You have people depending on you. "Ugh! You have no time to be sick!".

What do you do?

You use the same recovery tips you've just discovered to whip yourself back up to health in under 4 days. You create a strategy out of thin air because you know how since you're a health-recovery machine.

You bang out a quick list of to-do items because you know what to focus on now...you're a recovery whiz.

You get on to the event. Everyone asks you how you recovered so quickly.

Sounds too good to be true? I've done it more than once using these methods and so have doctors and patients who do it every day. Effortlessly!

You can call upon these powers any time, on demand. Because you'll be able to leverage flu & COVID recovery secrets that you have no idea about. Yet...

What About This...

You post on a forum saying you absolutely need to be well because you are taking care of your elderly parents. You're willing to do the techniques for 3 times as fast quick turnaround.

No one else can accomplish it. You can. You must.

You step in and make a complete recovery simply because you knew these secrets. Just effortlessly you attack this flu or COVID with your newfound recovery skills and it's done.

What Quick Recovery Secrets Will You Discover?

When you get your hands on this "Quick & Easy Flu/COVID Recovery Guide", just immediately flip it open to the first page.

You'll read the most dangerous part of having Flu, COVID, or any viral infection.

The Easiest Way To Recovery Quickly from Flu & COVID.

As you go through this few pages, you'll discover:

  • After you get the right tests, make sure you follow this outline to get a faster recovery.
  • A simple singular question to ask will get you the results you need.
  • A set of 4 questions automatically allows you to achieve the same results as physicians.
  • How to get your physicians to give you what you need for a faster and more accurate recovery to reduce your recovery to less than the 10-day average.
  • Automatically eliminate mental guesses and obstacles with these 7 questions in a step-by-step secret format.
  • How to utilize your knowledge from this guide if you have lung issues so you never have to be left wondering if something else should be done.
  • Diabetic patients need to know this one trick so they are not misdiagnosed.
  • Why these 7 signs get you recovering faster and back to normal activities.
  • What to look for so you avoid hospitalization.
  • Over 65? Over 80% of COVID and flu deaths are people over 65. Don't chance complications. Hit your recovery road running with full knowledge.
  • CASE STUDY - Linda asked her doctor this one question and began feeling better within 12 hours. Her doctor appreciated Linda asking and remembered her current recovery needed this extra attention.
  • and more!

The Risk Involved...

A few minutes of your time!

These questions,facts, and symptom trackerd are unknown to mot peoplebut regulally used within the medical profesion. You need to know gives you the edge toward getting back to normal and feeling great again.


These recovery secrets will help you in every area.

Need to get back to work?

Need to see friends?

Need to help your family?

Need to keep your workout routine?

Are people depending on you?

Is this costing you in lost wages?

EVERYTHING you need to do in your daily living can now be accomplished quicker than ever when you use these recovery secrets.

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Suzanne, I have diabetes and when I asked my doctor these questions, he sat down and started to take me seriously. Why doesn't anyone tell us this stuff? - David

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