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"When I asked about a concern in our private Facebook group, I couldn't believe the responses! Even the professionals gave me advice. I'm all set. I found what works for me. Thanks so much for putting this together for us."
- KAREN A. -

Hey There,
I'm Suzanne!

And I know exactly what it's like to feel like you just can't keep up.

In fact, I first found out what caregiving meant back in 2004 and I had to find a better way to take care of my mom, raise my three children as a single mom, and return to school after a career in teaching.

I was overwhelmed with exhaustion...

Eventually, I learned how to put simple systems in place to keep my life free from distractions, find free time to do the things I wanted, and enjoy my family along the way. My solutions have carried me through some tough years so I have shared them with my patients, friends, and family. They too have found organization and confidence.

Amazingly enough, it worked!

And if you too are ready to take back control of your caregiving life, then join the Caregiver Haven™ Community today.

"Dear Suzanne, you are right about daily emails. Your email on tips for finding free help came just as I was spiraling. I had no clue where to turn. Thank you for your commitment to make this a better experience. Life is easier now." -