"If only I...

  • didn't worry so much.
  • had more time.
  • found the help so I'm not doing it all by myself.
  • didn't have so much to do.
  • stopped asking myself if I'm doing enough?"
caregiver uncertainty

We get it.
This membership is going to solve your burnout.

Do you want...

  • resources without doing the research?
  • calm mornings?
  • no more daily surprises?
  • help you didn't know was there?
  • a good night's sleep?
  • an agreeable parent or spouse?

We're here to get that stress off your shoulders.

You learn these super simple principles in aging seniors...

  • Knowing their health. We'll show you the inside scoop on healthcare so they get the best.
  • You "guide" their behavior (memory loss, dementia, attacks) so you don't feel so hurt and angry.
  • Why they give away money, have no money, won't talk about money, and how to find out what to do about it.
  • When they won't move, you can turn this into a positive experience for them with little or no effort.
  • Making care simple so you don't have to keep doing the same things over and over again.
  • Having more time to do the things you love to do no matter how aging affects their lives.

What kind of people use our membership?
Busy people who want to...

reach out for answers
and not worry

enjoy more good times with
their aging senior


find more time
to enjoy their friends

call us when
needing extra help


What is the Caregiver Haven™ Mastermind Membership Club?

In a nutshell, a place for you to find:

  • overwhelming support
  • personalized mentorship
  • unfailing relief
  • proven answers
  • fast easy help
  • simple solutions


Start today for only $1.00 for our 7-day trial. Then get the on-sale monthly price of $37 for the next 12 months.
(Normally $197/month - get the 81% savings today!). No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Members put us on speed dial. Here's why...

Are you worried about their health or physical disabilities?

  • Their doctors push them aside.
  • They won't tell you what the doctor said.
  • They deny anything's wrong.
  • They won't take their medications.

Imagine knowing everything about their health.

"My mom would not listen to the doctor and take her medications. She skipped days. I worried about her health. Now I have the doctor calling me back thanks to being able to call my mentor." - Judy W.

Are you worried about their memory or social skills?

  • You're seeing the little changes.
  • You can't leave them.
  • They won't stop driving.
  • They refuse to socialize.

Imagine getting out again.

"Kat has so many resources. When my Dad's started getting really angry, Kat knew exactly how to help. I could not do this alone. No matter how many times I called her or what issues I had, she knew exactly what to do." - Hoang P.

"My brother was overseeing the money and gave me none to take care of our mom. I had nowhere to turn until I joined your membership and discovered that I do have choices. Thank you for solving this for me. " - Jessica L.

Are you worried about their living conditions?

  • They can't take care of their home anymore.
  • They refuse to move.
  • They keep falling and you're worried.
  • They live with you and you're over it.

Imagine them loving their new safe home.
And you peacefully loving yours.

"Mom refused to move to assisted living. I was beside myself. The guilt was awful but when I picked up the phone and called, Kat was there to get me through every step. My own family doesn't understand but this membership is a life-saver. " - Tammy P.

Are you misunderstood?

  • Family Conflict?
  • They tell you one thing and a sibling something else?
  • Do they require more care than you can give?
  • They refuse extra help.

Imagine you no longer cry. You can laugh again.


"Thank you, Suzanne! My family was pulling me in one direction and my husband was pulling me in another. Everyone had their opinions but I felt like mine didn't count. It was the biggest "AHA" moment when you showed me what was really going on and what to do." - Lee N.

Are you giving up the things you enjoy?

  • Are you afraid the phone will ring any minute?
  • Do you choose them over your own family?
  • You feel trapped.
  • You're angry because no one else is helping.

Imagine living the life you love.


"I was so burned out. When you started teaching us the baby steps to get out from under the clock, I put my fun things back into my life. Now I realize I was trying to do this alone. Big mistake. Thanks for always being there for me." - Cheyan B.

Start today for only $1.00 for our 7-day trial.
Then get the on-sale monthly price of $37 for the next 12 months.
(Normally $197/month - get the 81% savings today!). No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Who are we?

Suzanne Fiscella

Meet Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, BCPA, MS, MA

Hi. With years of working with caregivers and their seniors in the medical field, I've seen your struggles. Watching you under so much pressure, loving your seniors but feeling trapped, I decided that it never has to be this way, so I started this membership to help as many caregivers as possible. I've been a caregiver myself so I know it's not easy. The healthcare system fails us, our family forgets us, our time evades us, and we do it day after day alone. Since that decision, I have helped thousands of caregivers like yourself see a brighter side of care for our aging loved ones.

Meet Kat Schwarzhoff, Membership Coordinator

30 years of experience working with seniors and their families in every conceivable problem gave Kat the resources and communication needed to resolve any issues.

Finding the best time, place, strength, and money to carry caregivers through their journeys led me to offer Kat the job as membership coordinator, mentor, and advisor. She has dedicated her life and resources to our members and I am so excited for you to get the opportunity to see caregiving done in the safest, most organized, systematic way without the guilt.

Start today for only $1.00 for our 7-day "CELEBRATE 2022" Special!
Then get the on-sale monthly price of $37 for the next 12 months.
(Normally $917/month - get the 81% savings today!). No contracts. Cancel anytime.

What is Caregiver Haven™?

"I Want My Life Back."

What else will I get?


Real Value: $4800 of webinars/year. For members - FREE

You get 2 webinars each month from professionals we bring in to show you the tricks of their trade. All are recorded for you so you can listen on your own time.

  • These experts charge $200/hour but we want it to be part of your membership because they are so valuable!
  • You also have a chance to ask questions or give them to us and we will ask them for you if you can't make the meeting.

"I needed help getting my husband to stop driving so Suzanne brought Debbie into a webinar who has 25 years of taking licenses and cars away." - Kerry M.


Real Value: $1680 for 48 ebooks/year. For members - FREE

You receive a FREE eBook every Monday. Filled with ideas, solutions, checklists, worksheets, and resources for you. (Value: $25/book, Members: FREE)

  • Each eBook covers one of the six soul-nurturing principles of aging care. They are designed in little 10 minute exercises.
  • All eBooks are yours to download and keep. There are 48 of them with 12-30 pages each.

"How you know I am having that very issue, I will never know but it seems every Monday I need this book."
- Mike F.

Your Own Private Facebook Group...

Real Value: $600/month for private group counsel. For members - FREE

We know how valuable support from others who are going through this is. Whether you are having a great day or a bad one, or just want to share, we hear you.
(Value: $50/member, Members: FREE)

  • Our FB group is very exclusive. We do not allow advertisements.
  • We post updates on new laws, news, inspirations, and stories here for you to know about.

"I love the updates and posts you find and put here for us. It takes a while to get to them as I can only reach out after 10 PM but I know you're there for me." - Ida J.

Weekly emails...

Real Value: $120/year for a subscription. For members - FREE

You don't have a lot of time so these 10-minute emails give you a snapshot of one quick trick to think about.

  • Because aging parents, spouses, and loved ones are constantly changing, these emails give you one quick tip in foundational care.
  • Download them and label them to reach for when you run into a problem you have to solve.

"Your emails are always common sense, right on. I love the one about choices. I still go back and read it when I need a boost of confidence. Thanks!" - Jimmy L.

Phone calls...

Real Value: $6000 for 12 personal phone calls/year. For members - FREE

You didn't think we would forget to talk to you? You should never have to go through this alone. (Value: $250/hour, Members: FREE)

  • In 15 years of working with my patients and their caregivers, I could not have done this without talking and listening.
  • So we are old school. Phones still work for us. Yes, we will answer your texts and emails too but you can call us. We loved to know how we can help you.

"Kat, when you actually answered the phone, I was blown away. Who does this anymore? Thank you for being there while I had a crisis. " - Dawn R.


Real Value: $600 unlimited resources to find the best/year.
For members - FREE

There are so many resources out there that our members now know about. Finding resources is a valued art, taking years to cultivate. (Value: $50/hour: Members: FREE)

  • We have resources in all 50 states. What are you needing?
  • Because there is so much on the internet, we have researched only the best and most accurate up-to-date resources for you.

"Mom recently went to live in Arizona with my sister. Your resource got her into the health care system and establishing care saved us." - Sharon P.


Real Value: $1200 unlimited referrals/year. For members - FREE

Needing everything from selling a home to moving your mom, to finding an elder law attorney. Who can you trust? (Value: $175/referral: Members: FREE)

  • Suzanne was a national speaker before COVID. She has developed contacts all over the USA. Wherever you love, whether near or far from your aging parent, we have referrals in the area.
  • Please note: We do not charge for referrals. Their services and fees are between you and them should you decide to employ their services.

"I could not move my Dad. The house was a disaster and he had let it go for so long, I didn't know if it was fit to sell. You gave me one contact you knew and Ben did all the work, sold the home, and handed me a check." - Paul A.

Free products...

Real Value: Over $2300 of valuable material/year.
For members - FREE

I'm constantly writing courses, eBooks and updating older checklists, workbooks, and templates for you. As members, these are yours for free or reduced on sale pricing. (Value: varies: Members: FREE or reduced)

  • All these products are yours to keep. Please let us know if you need help researching on a certain issue you are dealing with.
  • We have two products on Amazon for your convenience. Please note that some products are shipped to you.

"Your Patient Best Medical History Book is the most comprehensive of its kind. I took it in to the doctor with my mom and the doctor grabbed it out of my hands, asking me where I got it. She said every one of her patients needed one! It was the longest visit we ever had. " - Valerie S.

All this... today for only $1.00 for our "Celebrate 2022" Special!
Then get the on-sale monthly price of $37 for the next 12 months.
(Normally $197/month - get the 81% savings today!). No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Save 81% today!! On sale today!!
Your membership is worth $1442/month if sold separately.


We know you're busy so we will keep this brief...

Your membership for the next 7 days is $1.

After 7 days, your membership is only $37 a month. (Normally $197/month)

Why a membership? Because we know your loved one is going to change. You will face new challenges and you want answers throughout your WHOLE journey.

Save 81% today!! On sale today!!
Your membership is worth $1442/month if sold separately.

Yes, we have the 100% No-Questions-Asked Guarantee so canceling is super easy.

Cancel anytime.

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